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Update In Gaming Is a webshow and also an website that started on July 26 2010. This webshow and the website was created by a kid/teenager that is 13 years old he is prefer to be call "Anonymous" or Badboyg316. The webshow is have bad views or let say "not much people" is watching it at this moment. So far we have 18 Members. Also we dont not have console wars and kid stuff. We are taking this webshow serious and we are on ours 2nd seasion we should stop about at seasion 19 or 15. and their is 20 - 15 Episodes per seasions and each seasion have a new person or a better, (let just say) "gameplay". During our Seasion 2 were going to have Sister shows and Brother shows (that means shows that are link and created by the same person) right now where just doing segments and intros to get ready for our huge launch episode party in Jan.Edit

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